Q&A: Which is harder to give up, junk food or cigarettes?

Question by Dude12: Which is harder to give up, junk food or cigarettes?
Since I never smoked, I don’t how hard it is to give it up. But I eat junk food and can’t imagine giving it up. Giving up food like candy bars, cookies, or any other sweets is impossible for me to do. I’m sure a lot of us would have a hard time giving up junk food COMPLETELY.

So, which is harder to give up completely for the rest of your life: smoking cigarettes or junk food?

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Answer by Susan Edwards
justin bieber is hardest to give up

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  1. Hayakatarah says:

    Probably smoking, because it has a bigger connection the brain and the reward system your brain creates for its self.

  2. Stafford Austin says:

    it all depends on the individual and how strong they are mentally and somewhat how physically strong they are

  3. Colin says:

    Cigarettes by far. They cause addiction. If you were a smoker and stopped cold turkey, you can literally become sick and bed ridden. Junk food is simply a habit.

  4. TIMOTHY says:

    the smokes

  5. ron e says:

    Definitely cigarettes. The nicotine in cigarettes is more addictive than heroin.

  6. Wesley Sing says:

    i would say are harder cigarettes, because anyone can eat health if they want to. i mean think about all the people that smoke can they say to then selves im not going to smoke for a month or take a non smoking diet i dont think so

  7. johnnyb says:

    I gave up cigarettes 3 years ago , (it was the hardest thing I have ever done ) . Then I started eating and eating more junk food … I ballooned up to 210 pounds … 10 months ago , I started running / jogging / walking , got down to 180 pounds , then started doing P-90X , now I am down to 162 pounds .. I find it alot harder to avoid the junk foods now . I still find myself snacking on cookies , and other goodies , but now I do it in moderation … Over time , I was able to fully give up smoking after 22 years , but I cant resist the urge for a snack !!!!

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