Q&A: Where can I find Christmas cookies cutters and that are cheap,and cheap decoraites for the cookies ,ALL ADVICE

Question by kitty: Where can I find Christmas cookies cutters and that are cheap,and cheap decoraites for the cookies ,ALL ADVICE
I want to make great christmas cookies this year for my boyfriends family and one of my friends, but I dont have that much money. Thanks.

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Answer by princess_thunder_storm
Dollar Tree or Target’s $ 1.00 bins.

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  1. luchadora says:

    Try your local thrift stores, and a 99 cent store if u have one. Have fun!

  2. reginavegas says:

    Try Michaels Craft Stores by the Cake decorating stuff. If you watch your flyers there is almost always a 40% off 1 item coupon.

    Michaels sells a Jar with a bunch of different cutters shapes and sizes. Very Cute retail price under $ 9.99 then with your coupon if you find just a little over $ 6 for the set.

    Happy Shopping!

  3. QU33N NIS3Y says:

    The dollar store.

  4. Chris says:

    Try a dollar store for the cutters. Use white icing and food coloring to make different colors for decorating.

  5. GP says:

    Do you have a Big Lots near you? They have lots of the candy decorations cheap. Dollar store is great too — many of them not only have the cutters, but the sprinkles too.

  6. imadriana says:

    Super Walmart

  7. lil_grrrl69 says:

    Local thrift stores, or dollar stores.

  8. teri34_2000 says:

    Try the dollar tree where everything is a dollor or dollar general, or there is freds

  9. jim t says:

    see if there are any .99 cent or dollar stores by you

  10. sparklesontheoceans says:

    All the other answers are great answers, as I have purchased like items there. One of my favorite places also, is Home Goods, a part of the Marshall’s line I believe. They have very nice cookware, and decorations, and cookbooks, etc. I purchased a very nice set of sprinkles, for cakes and cookies, etc. Good luck with your nice idea to share cookies.

  11. E. O says:

    buy from a baking utensils

  12. soxrcat says:

    Look at Goodwill or St Vincent de Paul’s.

  13. Christine C says:

    For cookie decorations nothing beats a bulk food store. I buy all colors of crystal sugar and sprinkles there. They’ll have M&Ms and chocolate kisses and all sorts of things to choose from, too. I love that I can buy as much or as little as I like.

  14. Shorty T says:

    the dollar store

  15. HK gal says:

    Walmart :) Or borrow some cookie cutters and buy the decoraites in bulk so that it will be cheaper.

  16. Lucky says:

    You can go to Dollar Stores, they usually have a good selection. Or to a KitchenBazaar store, they have a wide assortment for a low price.

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