Q&A: When do you include the lil message in a fortune cookie?

Question by Noah’s Mommy: When do you include the lil message in a fortune cookie?
I am going to bake some fortune cookies today, but all the recipe’s I found don’t include the step of when to add the lil paper with the message. Anyone know?

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Answer by Dannii n Sac
You do it as you are folding the fortune cookie.

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  1. Sugar PIe says:

    You bake the little circles. While still hot, lay a fortune inside, then fold into the traditional shape and allow to cool/harden.

  2. rebexxatalk says:

    After you’ve made the dough, cut it out into circles, and already baked it, you place the fortune in the center while it’s hot and soft, and then fold it over. Once the cookie cools, it hardens on it’s own. That’s how they do it in the factory when they are mass produced, and when home-baked as well.

  3. libbyami says:

    dannii is correct
    Did the fortunes come with your mix? If not here is a cool link for free printable fortunes

    here are a few from there:
    A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking.

    He who throws dirt is losing ground.

    Make two grins grow where there was only a grouch before.

    lots of categories too

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