Q&A: What treats should I bring from Florida to my Japanese host family?

Question by : What treats should I bring from Florida to my Japanese host family?
Do you think tropical candies would be good? I was thinking of bringing some sour gummy candies for the kids and some sort of cookies.But I don’t know what to bring for the adults.Any ideas?

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Answer by Robert
make it latino influenced, japan has everything it even has andes chocolate

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  1. FL says:

    orange blossom honey, orange marmalade, orange butter any product that’s different and you like. Those orange jelly candies you get at the groves little shops…Like Davidson’s in Dundee FL on US 27 North.

  2. 尚伸の妻、スペンサーのお母さん says:

    I am japanese i move to the usa when I was 18 an we send packages to my parents all the time . we sen lindt truffles an peeps a lot and different flavors potato chips
    good luck!

  3. John D says:

    I would try and bring something that is from your home town or Florida as it would be the best gift. Most people tend to bring chocolate or candy but you need to know that American chocolate/candy is very different from the Japanese variety and is a lot sweeter. American candy goes down really well in Japan. Things like soft candy (gummy bears) and sour candy is extremely popular. I am from Australia so I always bring Tim Tams which are chocolate biscuits and they are very popular in Japan, so something like chocolate biscuits or cookies would be very popular.

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