Q&A: What is the real name of this cookie?

Question by Heather: What is the real name of this cookie?
It’s a shortbread cookie, sometimes with walnuts, and rolled in powdered sugar. I’ve made them before and they’re delicious. But I’ve heard them called Italian wedding cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, snowball cookies, and pheffernuese (that could be spelled wrong) cookies. Does it just depend on where you come from? What do you call them?
Oh, yes, I have heard them be called Russian tea cookies as well. Never as cakes though. Interesting.
Doris: I’ve mainly seen them in the shape of small crescents or 1″ balls. Like I said, they’re always rolled in powdered sugar after baking and they have a shortbread consistency.

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Answer by julia
I had mexican wedding cakes b4. I think thats wht they r called cas my spanish teacher called them that. Hope i helped:)

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  1. S i r i says:

    russian tea cakes.

  2. Suz says:

    I heard them called Russian tea cakes in California.

  3. StrawberryGirl99 says:

    Walnut cookies

  4. Angela Q says:

    They are Mexican wedding cakes. I found the exact same recipe in a Greek cookbook, where they used almonds instead of walnuts and called them Greek wedding cookies. ∠°)

  5. the new Mrs. H says:

    We use pecans instead and call them sandies

  6. Lavender A says:

    It could be Mexican Wedding cookies or Russian tea Cookies,
    It looks like you needed to post more information.
    What is their shape?
    How big are they?
    What consistency do they have?
    Do you have a picture?

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