Q&A: What is the most delicious gluten-free dessert recipe you have?

Question by Zaraslyle Pyke: What is the most delicious gluten-free dessert recipe you have?
What is the most delicious gluten-free dessert recipe you have? I mean, if someone were to tell you, “I think anything without gluten tastes like cardboard” what would be the one dessert item you shove into their mouth to shut them up?

Preferably looking for a cookie recipe.

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Answer by Michelle M.
I’m really into healthy ice creams right now, namely coconut milk ice creams. They’re gluten free and have natural sugars, like honey or brown rice syrup, but they taste much richer (in my most humble opinion) than normal ice creams. (Link below.)

I’m also a really big fan of gluten free cookie doughs (yes, they exist!). For some reason, the alternative flours really lend themselves to cookie dough form. No, I don’t even bother baking it. I nix the eggs (obviously) and dip little cookie dough balls in chocolate so that they become truffles. Super delicious. (Link below.)

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  1. M says:

    Whenever any of the clubs I’m in do a bake-sale, we try to provide for all dietary restrictions. I usually bring the gluten-free stuff -and I don’t even eat gluten-free, I just use this lady’s recipes. I also cook her stuff just day-to-day -it’s good! My stuff is popular even with people who don’t need gluten-free.
    But in any case, there’s no reason to ‘shut them up’ -there’s no benefit to eating gluten free unless it’s medically necessary, so if someone doesn’t have a problem with gluten there’s no reason to try to convince them to give it up.

  2. Ale says:

    Today there are some very tasty recipes online. They range from sweet potato casserole to coffeecake. In addition, the foods can be served safely to anyone embracing this diet. Although there are many restrictions with gluten free living, you do not have to live in fear of everything that you eat. However, you must be sensible in your food choices.

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