Q&A: What is the history of Greek Honey cookies?

Question by asdfg!: What is the history of Greek Honey cookies?
Its also known as Melomakarona.

Can you tell me when (like holidays if any) its commonly prepared by Greeks and other interesting things

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Answer by joyce
Cinnamon, cloves, orange – a traditional combination of tastes identified with the holiday season – are the common factor in these fabulous cookies that are (most often) dipped in a lightly spiced syrup after baking, then topped with sprinkled nuts. In many parts of Greece, the term “Christmas Cookies” means Melomakarona.

Similar cookies called Phoenikia (also finikia) and Isli are seasonal favorites as well.

Some versions of Melomakarona are made with nut centers, while others like the recipe in the photo for Melomakarona with Walnuts are made with optional ground nuts in the cookie dough.

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