Q&A: What foods should a person stop eating when they are pre diabetic?

Question by Faith In God: What foods should a person stop eating when they are pre diabetic?
I do know alcohol is on the list of bad things but I don’t drink alcohol, coffee or pop.
Please no links just share what you’ve had to give up or what someone you know has given up. Because of being pre diabetic.
I can do research but I would rather hear from those that have been where I am.

Everyone receives a thumbs up from me. :-)
What foods that are high in carbs do I need to only eat in moderation?

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Answer by siiri_luukin
Foods that are high in sugars, and carbohydrates are things that should be avoided. Candies, pastas, and fatty foods are some examples. Nothing needs to be entirely given up, but rather used in more moderation than a non-Diabetic.

I have had Type 1 for 24 years, and have adjusted to only eating things like pasta and desserts on rare occasions, and in small amounts at that.

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  1. Christina R says:

    For the most part you can eat anything that you would, just in moderation. Things that are high in carbs you should tend to eat less of. My son see’s the dietician every three months so they can adjust his meal plan. Also sometimes you can buy sugar free so they will be lower in carbs. You must watch those because something that is sugar free may not be. If you look at the ingredients and find anything that end’s in tol, that is sugar. Remember eat in moderation and plan your meals evenly throughout the day this will help to keep your levels in check.

  2. Lola says:

    Try to cut back on candy, fresh fruit like an orange can turn to sugar, so just watch your sugar intake, its good you don’t drink soda.

  3. Nicky1 says:


  4. Donna says:

    Anything with sugar is not going to be good for you. (cookies, cakes, pies etc.) but you can make them with a sugar substitute and it will be better. I don’t have a problem with doing without sweets. I have always been more of a meat and potato person, which still gets me into trouble.

    Also, starchy foods (potatoes, pastas, breads etc.) will act like sugar in your body. Your body turns them right into glucose.(which if you don’t know this, it’s another name for the sugar in your body).

    Since I had problems recently with a doctor that took me off a diabetic medication and caused my sugar levels to go out of control (400-500), I have tried to stay away from the starchy, high carb foods like potatoes and breads as well as not eating sugary things.

    Try to increase your vegetable intake (green beans, salads, carrots etc) And also I have learned that corn has a tendency to raise your sugar levels also. So I try to cut back on just this one vegetable so far.

    And also increase your fruits, but realize that some of them are higher in sugar (orange juice) and drink that in moderation. (You can use this to bring sugar levels up if they are too low.) Also apples are good. But the sugar content in the fruits are easier for your body to break down
    so they are not as bad for your sugar levels.

    I always have had problems mostly with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and was used to dealing with it until now. And now I have
    hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and having to learn how carbs and sugar really affect my body.

    Good luck!

  5. kiwihelen70 says:

    You need to eat less of everything to aim to loose about 5% of your body weight – that will reverse your pre-diabetes back to normal if you can keep the weight off.

    Starchy foods are things like bread, potato, pasta, rice, cereals. You need to eat smaller servings regularly – I recommend to people that they have a portion the size of their own fist for each meal

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