Q&A: what do you think of gourmet dog cookies?

Question by plum: what do you think of gourmet dog cookies?
are they unhealthy for the dog?

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Answer by Jordan S
A waste of money. And they contain wheat. We may think dogs would like doggy cakes and stuff like we do but dogs truly like meat more. If your dog has a birthday party or something. Give it a a raw bone with meat on it instead. He’ll love that more than a cake.

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  1. CHRISTINE F says:

    Make them yourself. That way you know what is in them, it is cheaper & they came from your heart. whole wheat flour, powdered milk, brewers yeast, peanut butter, egg, water. Mix it together roll it out & cut into your favorite shapes or easier just roll them into balls. put on cookie sheep & bake for 15 min in 325 oven.

  2. Amanda, www.seattleoffleash.com says:

    I think they can be fed in moderation (like once every 3mos or so), but there are better treat alteratives that are healthier and that dogs seem to prefer. I give my own dogs freeze dried human-grade meat treats… things like wild salmon and lamb liver. These things are ALL meat and contain no grains, sugars, fillers or additives, and because they are cold-processed they still have beneficial enzymes intact.

    check out Etta Says treats, or Wildside Salmon. Good stuff.

    I think gourmet dog cookies are geared more toward entertaining people by being “cute” than they are geared toward benefiting dogs.

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