Q&A: what can i use in place of sifted cake powder?

Question by luvbunny09: what can i use in place of sifted cake powder?
i am making diabetic sugar cookies for my dad. and it calls for sifted cake powder i went to wal-mart yesterday and they didn’t have any.

Does anybody know what i can use in place of the sifted cake powder.
I hope somebody can help me!! thanks!
NO!! it doesnt call for flour it calls for powder…!!!!!!!!

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Answer by labdogs4me
You have to do the sifting yourself. Get a package of sugar free cake flour and start sifting .

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  1. Mary P says:

    Try a regular grocery store for cake flour. It is sold next to the regular flour. It is normally packaged in a box. It makes a lighter batter, but is not usually used for cookies.

  2. Happy Cooker says:

    Just use all purpose flour and take out a tbsp.. Regular flour is heavier than cake flour.

  3. JJ says:

    Cake flour can be subsituted by mixing regular flour and corn flour in a 7:1 ratio, then sift it and that’s cake flour for you!
    Seriously, flour is necessary in cookies; its like the skeleton of your cookies. Maybe if you can post your recipe, we can see better.

  4. Sugar Pie says:

    I think the recipe is calling for sifted cake FLOUR. Cake flour comes in a box, not a paper bag. A couple brands are Swan’s Down and SoftAsSilk.

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