Q&A: What can i make my boyfriend for valentines day?

Question by Wondering: What can i make my boyfriend for valentines day?
My boyfriend and I are going to make each other something for Valentines day but I can’t think of anything. He has already made me a scrapbook and a calendar for other occasions and I really need some ideas!

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Answer by Emily
Cook something for him

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  1. 'Sunnyside Up' says:

    Best idea I did for my own boyfriend on our first valentine’s day…. 41 years ago. Go to Michaels or any store that has the really huge… really huge valentine cookie sheets that look like a giantic heart. Make him a heart that you personally decorate with your own ‘love you’ valentine and give it to him on V day. The one I did was a 16″wide heart chocolate chip cookie. He took several days to eat that one. You can get these cake boards from Michaels or a cake place that you can put it on when it is cooked. I used cake icing to frost it and the wilton tubes to decorate it. I still make him things for valentines day. We’ve been married now 39 of those 41 years. He must have liked that heart.

  2. Jason says:

    I agree with Emily! I think it’d be nice if my Valentine/GF cooked me something, that is, if shes a good cook! DUN DUN DUN!
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  3. Martha says:

    I agree with the baking! Last year for valentines day I made my boyfriend these really pretty heart shaped cookies and put them in an amunition box/tin. He loved the cookies, and he now uses the tin to keep his video games!

  4. Carl Haavaldsen says:

    Valentines Day is probably the most nerve racking day of the year for me as I am sure it is for you too. I decided to go online and find some ideas.
    I found this book and it’s got some pretty slick ideas. It’s called Valentine’s Day Magic.

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