Q&A: What are some recipes for the religion of Thanksgiving?

Question by Wesley Youngheart: What are some recipes for the religion of Thanksgiving?
I am a brand new dad and I would like to cook something for the family during Thanksgiving. What would be a easy recipe for me to cook. No wine recipes please or any recipe that was to do with alholic beverages.

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Answer by janeannpat
We always have turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, a fruit salad, butternut squash, and pumpkin pie. Yummy.

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  1. Just Me says:

    I’m not sure Thanksgiving is a religion, or even a religious holiday, is it? Cook a turkey — it’s quite simple to do if you follow the instructions on the wrapper. Honest, it is!! :-)

  2. JDJ says:

    Thanksgiving is not a religion.

  3. DiamondDiana says:

    Go to Gretchencooks.com and see the Thanksgiving Turkey recipe I put in. Look under the “American” recipe genre. Good luck and congrats!

  4. Melissa C says:

    AWWWW how sweet!! Make a veggie platter with dip!!


    1 package of dry onion soup mix’

    1 16oz container of sour cream

    Mix well and chill for 1 hour.


  5. Dav says:

    Get a turkey, remove the insides, put in turkey pan and cook till the thing pops up.

  6. stevekc43 says:

    Whats wrong with turkey and all the trimmings, the traditional Thanksgiving feast in America.

    Roasted turkey with giblet gravy
    Sausage and cornbread stuffing
    Cranberry sauce
    Candied yams and/or roast sweet potatoes
    Green Bean casserole
    Fresh baked rolls
    Pumpkin pie

    You can get recipes for all at Foodnetwork.com.

    If you don’t think you can handle cooking all of that you can usually order a pre-cooked Thanksgiving meal similiar to what I’ve described above from most major supermarket chains. Just pick it up the evening before and warm it up on Thanksgiving day.

    or make ham sandwiches!

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