Q&A: What are some popular trends in your school?

Question by Allison: What are some popular trends in your school?
Im taking a survey, so could you please tell me 5 popular trends that are in your school. For example: in my school girls like to wear those feathers you clip in your hair. What are yall’s?

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Answer by Cupcake baker
The hollister/aeropostale/abercrombie thangg is going on, duck brand duct tape, feathers in hair, converse, ugg austrailia, cookie monster/ animal/ elmo type hats (hot topic or spencers), ummm thats rlly it. kinda north face, not that much

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  1. Nasrin says:

    LOL you’re that same girl that’s trying to start your own trend. If we came up with it or if you took it from us, you wouldn’t have started it… =)

  2. Fii says:

    Dying hair red
    Tie hairbands
    ‘Jesus Bracelets’ with the little pictures of saints and Jesus on them.
    Paul’s Boutique bags

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