Q&A: What are some great easter basket ideas for sixteen-month-old toddler?

Question by Widowzpeak: What are some great easter basket ideas for sixteen-month-old toddler?
Since I didn’t make a basket for my daughter last year, I’d like to make her one this year, but I’m not for sure what all to put in her basket. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance.
Nicole – I’ve never heard of Pound a Ball. That looks so neat! I’m definitely ordering her that. She also has two flip phones and of course, likes mine better than hers. LOL!

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Answer by Heat123
Books, stuffed animals, bubbles should be a hit, crayons-must supervise, she will try to eat them. Maybe a few pieces of candy depending on which teeth she has. Those larger plastic eggs that open. She would probably enjoy those too.

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  1. passiveaggressive says:

    We’re filling my 2 yr old son’s basket with:

    Matchbox cars
    Plastic Eggs filled with stickers
    Healthy Snacks, no candy

  2. Mia1385 says:

    Every Easter, along with a basket, I get my son a new outside toy or two. It gets him excited to play outside again and gives him a new activity to try. Last year he got a sand and water table and a soccer goal (he was 2 1/2). For your daughter, you could do one of those bubble mowers (I remember them from when I was little, and they are making them again). Check out the outdoor toy section at Toys R Us. They have a pretty big selection and reasonable prices.

  3. kevscutie6202 says:

    Books, stuffed animals, cookies, her favorite snacks….. coloring book, big crayons…. good luck! and Happy Easter!

  4. chickenwing_18 says:

    ~fisher price little people…they have a 2 pack Easter theme in a tube or a large egg with one in it at Wal-Mart and Target
    ~ a large stuffed bunny
    ~toys to play with outside
    ~ fill plastic eggs with her favorite snacks

  5. Nicole says:

    I’ll second the idea of bubbles and add bubble bath!

    At 16 months, my daughter’s favorite toy was this Pound a Ball by Parents that you can find at Target. It’s great for building hand-eye coordination and teaching colors and matching: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html?ie=UTF8&asin=B000068P9J

    It might be a little large to fit IN the basket, but the Easter Bunny sometimes stacks things to one side, at least in our house.

    Her next favorite was a play flip phone. She still likes mine better, though! That would fit in the basket.

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