Q&A: something wrong with cookies enabled?

Question by ilovetoskilol: something wrong with cookies enabled?
i tried to Access my youtube account and a scienceesource account
but it can’t log me in because it says cookies enabled
how do i fix it??

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Answer by Indiana Frenchman
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites for various different reasons. For instance, Your email provider may use cookies to identify you after you have signed in. When you sign out of your mail service, the cookie is either deleted or expired.

Other websites will often use cookies for identifying purposes, demographic statistics and also when you are shopping online to remember what you have in your basket. If you would like to disable the use of cookies in Internet Explorer (r), then follow the simple instructions below.

First click on TOOLS at the top of the screen, then click on INTERNET OPTIONS

Click on the Privacy Tab

You will now see the Advanced Privacy Settings dialogue box

Select the Override automatic cookie handling option

reference URL for diagrams and more detail

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  1. Dunbar Pappy ϟϟ says:

    This works for some folks:

    Internet Explorer users, do this first:
    Tools> Internet options> Security> tick the “Internet” icon> Security level box> set slider to “Medium high”> OK out. Then:

    IE (pre-8): Go to the site first> Tools> Internet options> Security> tick the ‘Trusted’ icon> Sites> Add> ok> out
    Note this setting may permit undesirable ‘Active scripting’ or other server based action: use with caution, especially if you have ‘Active content’ allowed.
    Again, supplemental blockers, in browsers mainly, may have to be muted, or ‘site allowed’.

    IE 8:
    Go to the site needing approval & copy the URL from address bar, then:
    Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Sites> paste that URL into top line> Allow> OK> OK.
    The “Pop-up Blocker” may also need to be modified to accommodate the site.
    Tools> Internet Options> Pop up blocker heading> Settings> again, paste that URL into the slot> Close> OK.

    General cookie settings should be:
    Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced: tick “Override…”; Allow 1st party cookies; Allow session Cookies & BLOCK 3rd Party cookies> OK> OK.

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