Q&A: Question about cookie dough and cookie press?

Question by ♥Mommy to 3 year old Jacob and baby on the way♥: Question about cookie dough and cookie press?
Does the press work better with cold cookie dough or room temp cookie dough? So far room temp has been hard to work with and won’t come off the plastic disk easily. I’m snowed in today and planning to bake, but want to know first if the dough needs to be room temp or cold……(one spritz recipie says one thing, and a different one says another.)

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Answer by franee_p
chilled but not too cold

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  1. copylady says:

    I have better luck when the dough is a little cool. Too warm and it doesn’t form well and your cookies spread a lot when they bake. One of the major problems is the cookie sheet. If you’re using a non-stick pan, the cookies won’t stick to the sheet and separate off the press. I would try alittle of the dough in the press, if they’re not forming properly press it back into the bowl and put it in the fridge for alittle while. We’re baking our cookies this morning also. Good luck!

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