Q&A: need a gift idea for valentine days for my boyfriend?

Question by ivisv: need a gift idea for valentine days for my boyfriend?
ive been with my boyfriend 3 years now and this year idk what to get him every year it gets harder…. Im going to bake him valentine cookies and we will prabably make him dinner so we stay home together but i wanna get him something >? what can i get him?

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Answer by J
A Ring.

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  1. Bet says:

    every valentines day i make my boyfriend (also of 3 years) a basket of his favorite things; candy, snacks, drinks, dvds, books, clothes, video games, picture of us, random valentines stuff, and anything he’s been talking about that he needs or wants. he loves it! also cook him dinner/dessert or take him to his favorite place to eat.

  2. Merina says:

    A collage of pictures of you two together, and maybe burn a cd to go with it with his favorite song.

  3. c c says:

    Crotchless panties!!!!!!!

    Nothing says I love you like your beloved getting a lil dirty.

  4. ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ilovehim. ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ says:

    i got my boyfriend a video game :)
    (call of duty modern warfare 2)

    but theyre really expensive, especially if your man’s not into it…
    think about casual things he’ll need or use all the time…
    like axe body spray, if he has piercings maybe a lip ring or two…..
    a jacket, shoes, maybe even a haircut !

    it all really depends on you and your relationship :]
    goodluck hun,
    -laney :)

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