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Question by : Mexican cookies?
has anyone ever tasted mexican chocolate cookies,mexican wedding cookies and/or mexican ice box cookies? if so which one tastes the best? and also if you know any other mexican desserts can you suggest them?
for a spanish project…THANKS!!
and are churros a mexican food??

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Answer by DESI CHEF
Mexican Anise Cookies are delicious! Flan is always a great dessert. Mexican wedding cookies are always good.

Churros are not specifically Mexican, they are found throught the Spanish speaking countries. I have had churros y chocolate in Spain.

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  1. Debi C says:

    I’ve only had the wedding cookies but they are to DIE for. I make them every Christmas. Other desserts: Flan, rice pudding, bunuelos (fried flour tortilla wedges sprinkled with cinnamon/sugar)

  2. pete says:

    I haven’t tasted the other two, but mexican wedding cookies are really really good. I would definitely server the wedding cookies. Also flan and sopapillas are good.

  3. CALAVA says:

    I’m addicted to Mexican wedding cookies they’re fairly easy to make. I love a lot of Mexican pastries. Polvorones are another Mexican cookie that’s addictive too. It’s a buttery cookie with pecans. Mexicans don’t really eat deserts per se but they do like their “pan dulce” or sweet bread. I love a Mexican sweet bread that’s called “campechana”, it’s a very flaky sweet bread. I also love “cuernitos” which is a Mexican version of a crescent roll. When you find a really good Mexican bakery you’ll see that they make some awesome pastries. I think they were very influenced by the French when they occupied Mexico way back when…

    There’s also a great bread pudding that Mexican’s make that’s called capirotada that they eat during Lent. I also love sweet tamales which are popular during Christmas. Mexicans also like rice pudding.

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