Q&A: is Xanthan gum necessary in cooking gluten free cookies?

Question by Brandon Jandu: is Xanthan gum necessary in cooking gluten free cookies?
I am baking gluten free cookies for a friend, and i am using gluten free flour, and i found a very good recipe that didn’t have any crazy ingredients that you might not always have in your house aside from Xanthan Gum. I have never heard of this, so if someone can explain what it does that would be very helpful. Thanks

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Answer by Adrienne
Yes you do need Xanthan gum in gluten free cookies.

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  1. Shauna says:

    It comes in a powder form, and can often be found in a health food aisle in stores – Bob’s Red Mill is a popular brand to look for. It’s a gum like many others – guar gum, acacia gum, arabic gum. The whole purpose is to add an elasticity to bready products since there is no gluten to do so.

    You don’t HAVE to have cookies with xanthan gum, but they tend to crumble into oblivion if you don’t.

    That said, are you making these cookies for a friend without her knowledge? If so, you may wish to ask her how sensitive she is to gluten. Someone with, say, celiac disease, will need some very stringent methods to avoid cross contamination from gluten in your kitchen. As an example, anything made of wood is porous to gluten and will release a little back into the food that you stir it with, and can make her sick.

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