Q&A: Is this cookie safe to eat?

polish cookies
by guano

Question by …: Is this cookie safe to eat?
I was making cookies and my nails are painted. They are dry and I painted them last weekend.
I was making some cookies and I realized that some of my nail polish chipped off and it would be in the cookie.

Is the cookie safe to eat?

**It seams all of my nails have some nail polish chipped off from them**

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Answer by Rose
I wish it were safe to eat but nail polish is said to be poisonous.

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  1. littlesprout says:

    No i wouldn’t risk it…get store bought cookies

  2. i♥dogs says:

    I wouldn’t because well i think nail polish is bad to eat!!

  3. hi says:

    well if you say it went in the cookie i would check the bottle and see if it non toxic and if it is non toxic it should be fine to eat

  4. hamie says:

    I wouldn’t think the small amount of polish that would be in the cookies would hurt you considering people paint there nails and then chew on them all the time. If you are not sure do as one of the other reviewers suggested and check the bottle to see if it is toxic.

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