Q&A: Is it okay to have sugar free cookies for tea time?

Question by silent killer: Is it okay to have sugar free cookies for tea time?
I am a prediabetic with fasting blood sugar (10 hours fasting) of 125 mg/dl. I do not take any added sugar. Even my tea I take sugar less. Only tea decoction and some milk. But I eat sugar free cream biscuits for my tea time. Is this okay??

N.B: I do not find any uneasiness after consuming these cookies. I take 5 to 6 of these, which are very small in size.

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Answer by Ami-Z
Wow your prediabetic and your eating sugar free foods? Sugar free is just as bad as foods that actually have sugar! Do you know what sugar free means? No sugar, but a VERY harmful artificial sweetner called Aspartame is added instead! Which actually can cause diabetes, and alot of other diseases such as nerve damage. SCARY! This Sweetner is very scary, here’s some more information on Aspartame:

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    As a diabetic myself, you not only need to watch sugar in your diet, but carbs as well. The biscuits are probably still made with regular white flour which the body reacts to just as if it were pure sugar. The body processes carbohydrates into sugars through digestion, so whether or not something is sugar free doesn’t make it a good product for a diabetic or prediabetic to consume.
    By the way, milk also has natural sugar in it in the form of lactose. Skim milk is better than whole.
    You might want to research the glycemic index for other items to consume at tea time.

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