Q&A: Is it ok to give a recovering anorexic a gift basket that has food in it?

Question by Mars: Is it ok to give a recovering anorexic a gift basket that has food in it?
I have a friend that was recently put into the hospital because of anorexia. These past few months she dropped weight so much that she got below 90 pounds. I love her to tears and I know anorexia can be cause by a number of things but as far as I’m aware hers is mostly centered around low self-esteem. (I know this from my observations of the way she talks about herself). So since she’s been sent to the hospital to get better I want to make her a gift basket for when she gets back. I was planning to put some nail polish, make-up, a spa treatment pack and some candy in there. But I have another friend who has dealt with anorexic family members who thinks putting food and make-up in the basket would be a bad idea. Would it? I don’t want to inadvertently hurt her feelings by getting her something that (in a anorexics mind) would say ‘here! get fat and you’re ugly’ and cause her to relapse. I just want to get her those things because I know she likes them, and I think she would enjoy them after getting back from the hospital. I might even throw her a little reunion party if I can figure everything out in time.
But my big question is,
would my friend relapse into unhealthy self destructive habits because of some make-up (which she and I both enjoy) and maybe a packet or two of candy? If so, what would be some alternative gifts I could get her instead?

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Answer by guitarrman45
I think that it would be worth avoiding all together and skip the food idea.

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  1. Gigi says:

    I think that it wouldn’t be the best idea to give her candy. I would let her dietitian and doctor deal with her feeding plans. I think you could probably get her a couple of movies that you both enjoy or a gift card to go shopping. I don’t think it’s the best idea to give her anything big, because then it’s kind of like you’re congratulating her for being put into the hospital. I hope this helps.

  2. zendall says:

    I disagree about the makeup or nail polish. Those are common gifts and most young girls like them. I would avoid foo though. It could stress her out.

  3. parrish says:

    not in this lifetime.

  4. May says:

    If you even have any question, then don’t do it! I would avoid giving her anything looks or food related at all. Give her something that shows you are glad she is still here and you appreciate her. If she has a favorite band or book, you could get her the definitive edition of those, a new purse, a game for her computer, a DVD or Blu-ray of a good movie…

  5. sammi says:

    definitely avoid the food basket. some anorexics (even those who are recovering) get sick from the sight of food!

  6. Anjell says:

    If it intenions are good, she may misinterpret it as a push or critisim.
    Skip the food and put in stuffed animals, games, gift cards,etc…

  7. Grin says:

    Anorexia is about control not self-esteem.
    Food is an issue to her a food basket is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of wine!

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