Q&A: If you had the recipe would you be able to make girl scout cookies from home?

Question by Hollywood Jono: If you had the recipe would you be able to make girl scout cookies from home?
Well maybe the recipe and the right equipment but if the average person were to have these things would they be capable of making the cookies themselves or are these so mass produced that it would be impossible for the average person to make them without having a factory or bakery of some sort capable of mass production?

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Answer by ckngbbbls
the ONLY part of mass production that would have any effect on cookies of any kind is how many you could make in a short time.
They are cookies period.
ANYONE can make cookies.
The secret to the Girl Scout cookies is the recipes for each one to get the exact right flavor.
I would be willing to bet that a good baker could play around with some recipes and come pretty close.
AND in fact, many have….




google “Girl Scout cookie recipe knockoffs” and you will find dozens of sites who claim to have recreated some of the popular girl scout cookies.

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  1. Happiest in the kitchen. says:

    There are all kinds of copy cat recipes out there. They are totally doable.

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