Q&A: I need a substitute for diabetic cookies?

Question by callistoz: I need a substitute for diabetic cookies?
In a recipe I’m trying, I have to crush up store-bought diabetic cookies. I’m wondering what will taste like that. My best guess is shortbread, but I’ve never had a diabetic cookie before. I am supposed to crush it up and then mix it with other ingredients. Please help!

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Answer by David
Mars bars

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  2. The Unknown Chef says:

    I would get a light cookie, a small tea rusk/biscuit or even graham wafer are fine, as they are whole grain, use honey and are generally low fat, I am a former chef and a Type 2 diabetic, it is not the sugar in foods that is so bad for diabetic’s but the combination of sugar and carbohydrates plus fat, look to the Italian types of cookies as there generally not as sweet, Ferraro or others.

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