Q&A: I need a relatively easy food to make from a Spanish speaking country?

Question by Nate: I need a relatively easy food to make from a Spanish speaking country?
This is my final for Spanish.. As well as a 3 page paper to go along with it.

I am pretty good at cooking, but don’t have that much supplies to cook with at my house.

So I need an easy food to make for like 20 people. Like Mexican cookies or Argentinian cake. Whatever haha

Thanks in advance

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Answer by Doo D
make rice stupid

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  1. Sophia says:

    Spanish rice, tacos, quesadillas ^-^

  2. ladybugfreak81 says:

    lol make a big pot of beans.

  3. Bert S says:

    paella. buy a bunch of meat chicken or seafood and cook it with a ton of rice. piece of cake

  4. dghggh says:

    Beans and rice.

  5. JennyP says:

    Hmmmmmm…..I don’t think you’re stupid, in fact, sounds like you’re trying to make something that’s easy and different from traditional foods. Here are some thoughts:

    1. Ceviche
    2. Flan
    3. Quesadillas
    4. Empanadas
    5. Churros

    Take a look at the results when you google “Spanish Tapas”….you’ll find some goodies there!

  6. Jamie H says:

    you could make what is called salchipapa. which is french fries with fried hotdogs. in a deep fryer, add frozen french fries and cut up pieces of beef hotdogs and fry all together and then serve. this is usually served with white rice. it is an easy peruvian dish.

    another one would be milanesa. which is breaded thin steak. take thin steak and egg and bread crumb it salt and pepper. in a skillet heat olive oil, and butter, to coat the skillet and fry steak, when golden brown it is done, serve with rice and beans, usually as a garnish slice white onion and let marinate in lime juice with a little salt. and this meal can be eaten with tortillas or bread, along side homemade dishes usually a piece of queso fresco is accompanied.

  7. krimsonflames says:

    Tres Leches (Puerto Rico)
    *This is a very simple way to do it and its an awesome desert*

    ~ 1 Cake – medium size (preferably one that can absorb, yellow cake seems to work fine).
    ~ 1 fresh vanilla coffee cream (liquid)
    ~ 3 (approx) condensed milk

    Mix the fresh vanilla coffee cream with the condensed milk and slowly pour it on the cake on till it absorbs the liquid. Serve cold.

    An easier recipe,
    Fried Bananas

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