Q&A: I need a foreign recipe?

Question by heartiagram: I need a foreign recipe?
I need a recipe that will make 25 or more servings, but cheap. I live in the US, so I want a foreign recipe from elesewhere. I always burn cookies, so please no cookie recipes. I would love to have a site adress too.
Christmas or dessert oriented

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Answer by baltiboy
You need to start again!

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  1. Swou says:

    I’m in american living in France, and I would recommend french food. Here’s a site with lots of yummy stuff.


  2. dj_mc_entertainment says:

    You edited your question to add “Christmas or Dessert Oriented”……..so my recipe will be a wee bit “off”…

    SPANISH RICE (aka “Mexican rice”)

    2 tablespoons of canola oil
    3 cups of long-grain rice (I prefer Basmati from Costco).
    6 cups of water
    3 cubes of chicken bouillion
    8 ounces of tomato sauce
    salt & pepper to taste

    First, you fry the rice in the canola oil, stirring constantly. Don’t stop stirring, or you’ll burn the rice!

    Second, while the rice is frying, get about 6 cups of water boiling either on stove or in microwave. When the water is boiling, add the bouillion, tomato sauce, & spices.

    Once the rice is completely fried to a very light brown, you add the boiling liquid.

    Stir the entire mixture in the very large frying pan, but lower the stove to “Simmer” and let put a tight-fitting cover over the pan. Set your timer for 15 minutes. Be prepared to add a 1/2 cup more water, and 5 more minutes, to the cooking time.

  3. silverbirch says:

    I always use this site, it’s brilliant. How about paella, or a curry?

  4. pixiepunk says:

    here is a good one butt the site has a million more

  5. Krissy Krinkle says:

    I’m in the US, too. Just thought I’d share some sites…

    http://www.yummyfood.net (International recipes)
    http://www.mexgrocer.com (authentic Mexican recipes)

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