Q&A: I have two questions about mexican wedding cookies?

Question by Baby Jay: I have two questions about mexican wedding cookies?
1. Why are they wrapped in tissue paper? Is it symbolic of anything?
2. On what occasions are they served?

it’s for a spanish culture project and i can’t find this info anywhere. It’s real name is “Polvoron”. if you can answer this, please, if you can, include a source. :D thxx

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Answer by Deez Nuttz
Never had mexican wedding cookies! but you can try checking wikipedia under cultural weddings

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  1. Peter says:

    I’ve never seen then wrapped. The only thing I can think of is to help keep the powdered sugar off of your fingers.

  2. clontarf1002 says:

    Polvorones are served daily. They are available in super markets and in convenience store where they come in a handy personal serving of six. Wrapping them in tissue paper is probably not symbolic of anything. Perhaps at one time in the past they were presented that way in the bakeries because someone thought they looked more delicate that way or because that is what was available.

    Mexican wedding cookies? Really? In Mexico they are simply called polvorones.

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