Q&A: How to ship baked goods?

Question by Lindsay R: How to ship baked goods?
So I recently moved from Colorado to Oregon, and was sad to leave so many of my friends behind. Anyway, one of my closest friend’s birthday is coming up. I’ve always made here a kind-of specialty cookie bar that has a baked bottom and top but that has cheesecake in the middle. I wondering if it would be possible to make this for her and send it to her for her birthday. How would I go about doing this? Any suggestions?

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Answer by AJIA
Make the cookie bar, then freeze it. Wrap it in Saran wrap completely, about 4 -6 times, to keep it fresh. Then put it in a box that’s big enough to hold it, but not smash it. Then send it to here through some type of overnight shipping so she can get it the next day. It will be fresh and the cheesecake won’t go bad since it was previously frozen (it will remain cold for the trip)

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  1. Hman says:

    This may seem strange to you but go to your Post Centre and see what is available to post them in, and the cost.

    You can have them nicely wrapped and packed into a box and find out the if it had been a little smaller, or a little lighter it could have saved you many $ $ $ $ ‘s

    I heard a friend in the US who was sending stuff overseas and learned that one the expensive way the first time, and from then she was buying their packaging and knowing what it would cost here.

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