Q&A: How much would you pay for 50 asorted homemade cookies?

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by afagen

Question by Teekie: How much would you pay for 50 asorted homemade cookies?
I want to make a holiday cookie tray for friend and family. I will be making 3 different kinds of cookies, all from scratch. I’m starting out with 50 to a tray, but will do more if they need it.
I don’t know how much store bought cookie trays cost.
But how much would you be willing to pay for them? I
I was thinking $ 30


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Answer by Kurokage
For 50 Cookies? I’d probably pay about $ 20 or so, but if you’re actually trying to make a little bit of a monetary gain out of the cookies as well as making them for family and friends, make sure you are taking into account the cost of all the supplies you are using. If you are spending around $ 25 to make the tray of 50 cookies, then selling them at $ 30 a tray would be a perfect idea. I hope I’m not insulting your intelligence, but I wasn’t sure where you were coming from with this question. I do love homemade cookies though and I’d surely pay for them. :)

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  1. Bethany says:

    Depending on a lot of different factors, I’d probably be willing to pay 25-30 dollars. They’d be worth even more of you gift wrapped them or did them up nice and pretty :) good luck!

  2. cynchica says:

    uy always depends on size and presentation of the product.

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