Q&A: How long should i wait to give my baby cheerios?

Question by Katie: How long should i wait to give my baby cheerios?
I have an 8-month-old son with only a half of a tooth. I’ve read that at about 10 months you can give them the dissolving cookie bars or whatever they are called, but is it the same with cheerios?
And for the one who asked why I don’t just ask the doctor…I will. I just like to get opions from other moms. Trust me I’m not going to hop in the kitchen, grab a box of cheerios, and toss one in my sons mouth just because someone else may have gave their son some at 8 months. I know every baby is very different. I know they are all individuals, but I am a new mom and just like to get an all around outlook on different experiences. But don’t worry I cherish my ability to ask his pediatrician any questions I have. :)

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Answer by saphires77
Wait until your baby has at least a couple of teeth. Make homemade vegetables mushed up really good until then. It is healthier for them.

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  1. Krazy K says:

    I personally would wait until he has more teeth. Unless you are trained in CPR. It’s scarry to watch your baby choke…

  2. becky92106 says:

    Why don’t you ask your kid’s doctor rather than us? That’s what they went to 10 years of school for!

  3. Babygirl2009!!! says:

    until they get teeth

  4. struggling mom says:

    I would wait until your baby has some more teeth. Cheerios really don’t dissolve that fast.

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