Q&A: How hard is it to get local and specialty stores to carry my cookies?

Question by ~: How hard is it to get local and specialty stores to carry my cookies?
Ok, I have no cookies yet but I have an idea in the works. I will experiement first because I want to have a unique product for consumers. What I want to know is how hard is it to get stores to carry my *future* cookies?

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Answer by dragonfire
look up the story of bear naked products
they started from an at home business
and they slowly but surely got their products accepted into stores
the way they did it was to do face to face meeting with GMs of the stores in question
but you have to be professional and prepared
later once the company grew did they establish a small sales force and up scaled their manufacturing process to keep up with the orders

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  1. jason l says:

    You have to figure the way its made and how many they want. The way you present it will be another issuse. Let them know that no job will be to big and assure them. Take in samples for them to try as well. Give em a competative price guide to go by and offer an unbeatable time line to have the orders done.

    Wording is everything in your pitch. Also offer a discount to the customers who refer your service.

    Good Luck!

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