Q&A: How far in advance can I bake these cookies?

Question by : How far in advance can I bake these cookies?
So I’m going to bake:
lemon tea cookies
ginger cookies
shortbread cookies

How far before I give them this Friday can I bake them?
Cause I don’t want them to be dry or crusty and old looking when I give them.

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Answer by Rickey
you can bake them tomorrow and they will be perfect.

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  1. Sillyheart says:

    THIS MAY SOUND REEEAAALLLY WIERD BUT FREEZE THEM…GIVE THEM AROUND 2 HOURS TO TAW…MY FAMILY BAKES CHRISTMAS COOKIES saturday after thanksgiving and freeze them….they are perfectly fine….we buy excess bread and freeze it its like freezing ne other food and thawing it out…would u eat a frozen pizza after cooking it?

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