Q&A: How do you say this in Polish?

Question by Rui: How do you say this in Polish?

For example, “I bought Mr. Smith cookies” haha

Thanks in advance! ;D

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Answer by Todd

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  1. Ala says:

    Kupilem/am ciastka dla Pana Smith-a

  2. Pepcio says:

    It depends on the case – literally. In Polish there are grammatical cases which makes you think which one (out of 7) you have to use after the verb. However, Ala translated your example correctly.

  3. Effie says:

    Mr alone is ‘pan’.

    This is, however, where it gets all tricky. Polish language has grammatical cases so, depending on the case, the form of the word differs a little. Your example translated to Polish would be ‘Kupilem ciastka dla pana Smitha’ (literally (I) bought cookies for Mr Smith) – so, as you can see, it’s no longer ‘pan’ but ‘pana’ and even the surname ‘Smith’ got and additional ‘a’ at the end.

    Another way to say that would be ‘Kupilem panu Smithowi ciastka’, an exact, word-by-word translation of your example than the first sentence, but that’s even more twisted than the previous one ;)

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