Q&A: How do you make SOFT sugar cookies?

Question by carolyn_fw: How do you make SOFT sugar cookies?
Does any know of a recipe for sugar cookies where the cookies come out soft and not like a rock?

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Answer by CorpCityGrl
You need to under-cook it. Ordinarily, you are quoted a time that yields crispy cookies. Just like with chocolate chip cookies, you need to cook for a shorter amount of time.

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  1. scentsnflavors says:


    Sift together in large bowl:

    3 1/4 cups flour
    1 teaspoon soda
    1/2 teaspoon salt


    1/2 cup soft butter
    1 cup sugar
    1 egg
    1 teaspoon vanilla or nutmeg

    Beat at medium speed for 2 minutes.


    1/2 cup thick sour cream
    sifted flour mixture

    Preheat oven to 375-400F degrees.
    Beat at low speed until well blended (1 1/2 minutes). Roll out lightly on floured board to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut and sprinkle with sugar.

    Put on prepared cookie sheet. Dot a raisin in the middle and bake about 12 minutes at 375-400 degrees.

  2. Ind. says:

    The secret is to:

    1. undercook them by a 2-4 minutes. They will look raw in the center when you take them out, but the cookies will continue to cook. When the edges are lightly browned, take them out! Once they cool, they will be soft and not look as raw.

    2. Use less butter. Butter, though it tastes wonderful has a low-melting point, meaning it will evaporate quicker and make cookies crunchier. Instead of using 2 sticks of butter, sub the other stick of butter with an equivalent of shortening or oil. I use a combo of cooking oil and honey and butter instead of just all butter.

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