Q&A: How do you make chinese fortune cookies?

Question by : How do you make chinese fortune cookies?
I need a recipe for making my own chinese fortune cookies.

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Answer by Reberocks
What your looking for is a tuile cookie recipe, there thin wafer cookies. How you make the fortune cookie shape is you start with a circle cookie that’s cooked, within about five minutes of them coming out of the oven you would put the fortune paper on one half of the circle, fold it in half like a crescent. then pull the ends together almost till they touch,last let them cool for a minute and they will harden up. The key thing is to be fast before they cool and you only have flat circles.The chocolate kind are good but the vanilla ones are the best. Good luck! ; )

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  1. tuesday says:

    How to make home-made fortune cookies/Paula Deen

    Home-made fortune cookies are really fun and you can make any size you want. The ultra-large ones are great if dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles or more chocolate. You could even dip one end in white chocolate and the other in milk = yin-yang or add sprinkles whilst chcoclate is still warm.

    The site above has directions as well as an easy, how-to video. I really recommend you watch it because reading how to do it makes it sound complicated and it just isn’t.

    Have your fortunes already written/printed out on little pieces of paper.

    Fortune Cookies:
    -egg whites
    -1/2 c sifted all-purpose flour
    -1/2 c extra fine sugar
    -1 tsp almond extract
    -1 – 2 tbs water

    -Preheat oven to 400*F

    -large bowl: mix egg whites until foamy

    -add all-purpose flour, sugar, and almond extract and continue to mix (mixer is easier than whisk)

    -add a little water to the bowl (thins it out just a bit)

    Note: it’s best to only make a few at one time because once you remove from the oven they start to stiffen quickly so do 3 – 4 at one time.

    Line the cookie sheet (baking pan) with ‘Silpat’ liner (great for cookies)
    You could also use any baking liner in the pan or spray with baking spray.

    -with a spoon or spatula, place a circle of batter on to cooking sheet (about 4″ in diameter)

    -bake for 7 – 8 minutes

    -remove with very thin spatula and add the fortune, then immediately flip over, with the sides flipped

    -sounds difficult but it really isn’t. You can make larger ‘jumbo’ fortune cookies but don’t use as much water to thin the batter, you want them to be a little thicker, depending on how large you want to go.

    Writing the fortunes is fun, too.

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