Q&A: How can you arrange Nutter Butter cookies to form the shape of a ghost?

Question by (^_^): How can you arrange Nutter Butter cookies to form the shape of a ghost?
I don’t want to make each cookie a ghost, because I looked Googled it, and that’s all I got back. I want to know how you can arrange a whole pack of Nutter Butter cookies so that it kind of looks like a ghost? Hope you can help, thanks.

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Answer by fiona
You could put white icing on it and black icing for the creepy holes/eyes and mouth.

Slim down one side of the peanut shape but cutting at the side of it but be careful not to cut the whole side off. That side will be your head and the wider side will look like a ghost sheet (you know how it is wider at the bottom than the top for ghosts because of the white sheet). Then add icing for the eyes and mouth or stick two raisins on with icing for the eyes instead.

You can also just put a kitchen towel (them big square tissues) over it like a ghost and draw with a pen or put chocolates on top for the eyes and mouth.

Hope this helps!

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  1. deborah says:

    carefully cut in half. they make great headstone too! make a rectangle cake, heavy layer of frosting then stick them in. chocolate cake for scary grave site. enjoy!

  2. Butter Cup says:

    I would get draw a large ghost on parchment paper and fill it in with the cookies. Since each cookie is shaped somewhat like a figure 8 you can interlock them that way. You may have to break some of the cookies to fill in the outside lines. The glue you could use would be melted chocolate or some icing.

    I hope this helps!

    Here are some ghost templates you can enlarge and print.


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