Q&A: How can I make my cookie business grow?

Question by GnatClapper: How can I make my cookie business grow?
I’m only a kid and I sell great cookies to my classmates at lunch. I’m making a good profit and I get sold out each day. How can I make a larger profit and get more people to know about it?

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Answer by mb
Good for you for being so resourceful so young! Maybe someday you can be another Wally Amos of “Famous Amos” cookies!!

Make up some flyers about your cookies and post them on school bulletin boards, hand them out to people all over town, in stores, etc. But, remember, the more advertising you do, the more people are going to want your cookies – so make sure that you will be able to keep up and fill all the orders! Everyone loves cookies, so you might wind up with more orders than you can handle! So, you need to think about what it will take to bake large quantities, and how you will get them distributed. Have a plan of action in place before you start advertising!

Who knows, if this “takes of,” maybe in time you can even start an online cookie business! The sky’s the limit!

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  1. Quiet.Buck says:

    I work for a local pizza shop in town, they have ohhh around 42 shops now. They buy local cookies from a small company in bulk bags of 15 per bag. We then saran wrap each cookie and put a sticker on it and put it in a bin on the front counter. We sell the cookies for 99 cents each. They are soft ball sized chunk chocolate chip cookies. I would guess they are buying the cookies for around 50 cents each but in bulk.

    You could talk to your local pizza shops about doing something similar. Or your local gas station and carryout places (quick marts). You could sell them in small gift baskets on a small web site. You could make the web site from a blog (www.wordpress.com) and then get a dot com (godaddy.com) and a shopping cart (paypal.com) and have your own small biz there as well. The site would cost you $ 10 + time and the shopping cart I believe is a fee per sale.

    You could go door to door in neighborhoods like the girl scouts and others do. You could even hire on a few friends and say give them 25 cents per cookie sold. If you sell them at $ 1 each and costs you say 30 cents to make. You still make 45 cents for doing nothing but letting them sell. And you sell as well to make that much more.

    You could talk to the local grocery store (manager) and ask them if you can set up a table outside the door on a saturday or such to sell cookies. Remind them that they allow girl scouts and such to do the same. Then get a $ 20 card table off craigslist and sell your cookies to those coming out from grocery shopping.

    You could talk to your church and sell them in the lobby in baskets w/ a change box next to it so people just put the cash in. Honest system being a church, no person needed to tend to the cookies. Then in return for allowing them to let you sell them there. Give 10% donation of the sales to the church or the youth group or such. You get, they get, win win situation.

    Set up a few baskets nice w/ cookies and such in them. Then find a few cute girls at school to work for you and to go to local office buildings after school. Let them go around and take orders for the basket from office people. Give them like 10-15% of each basket order as their pay. If they sell, they make money, if they don’t, they make nothing. So say they go around to two office complexes and get 30 basket orders. The following week you deliver those basket orders and collect the money. Giving you a week to get the orders set up, cookies made, etc between time of order and delivery.

    There are many ways to sell cookies, the biggest thing is getting them in front of people. After that their stomachs take over.

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