Q&A: How can I make Halloween cookies without the cookie cutters?

Question by Kayla M: How can I make Halloween cookies without the cookie cutters?
I don’t want to go out and buy cookie cutters and I would like to know how I could make cookie cutters out of something. I dont have any bendable metal and I dont want to use a knife each time I want to form a certain thing, Ideas would be nice :)

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Answer by troy_in_murrieta
You might be able to make cutters out of cardboard, but they won’t last very long (and might not work, depending on how firm the dough is). You also might have a problem finding clean cardboard.

If you’re using a firm dough, you might be able to roll it extra thick (an inch or so), cut the shape with a knife, and then cut thin slices off the shape for baking.

Another option might be to roll it out normally and cut some circles using a glass. Stack them up on top of each other with wax paper in between each one. Then, use a knife to shape the entire stack at once. This is similar to the last idea, but you won’t have to slice it off.

Keep in mind, I have no idea if any of these ideas will work since I just thought of them and haven’t tried them yet.

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  1. mumei says:

    I did this last year and it was fantastic:

    I made sugar cookies, and then I used a water glass as a cutter (if it’s too sticky, dip the edge of the cup in flour before cutting the dough). Then I rolled little pieces of the dough to make “stems” for the shapes. I cooked them and then iced them with orange icing. I used chocolate chips to make faces, and I painted the stems with a paint brush and green food-dyed water. They were the most awesome little pumpkins ever!

    As for making your own cutters, that is a bit difficult. By the time you find the right materials like bendable (and sanitary) sheet metal, you’d be better off buying some shapes from the dollar store or Michael’s.

  2. Kristin xVx says:

    Wal-mart has a bag of plastic cutters for $ 1.88. I feel like you’ll have the best of luck this way.

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