Q&A: Hey I want to make something to bring for Thanksgiving but I don’t know what?

Question by b_ballcutie4vr: Hey I want to make something to bring for Thanksgiving but I don’t know what?
I want a fun creative idea of what I should bring to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving I’m 15 and don’t have a lot of cooking experience but I love to cook and bake so if you have any ideas for me that would be great.

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Answer by dukalink6000
How about some Holiday Cookies?

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  1. Junkyard DOG says:

    Bake cookies.

  2. squirrels_rock2000 says:

    I don’t know why, but baking seemed easier to me… and maybe funner ’cause I’m just fourteen. You should make pumpkin cookies. I don’t know how, but i’m sure that if you look it up, you’ll find it. It’s a cool way to put some Thanksgiving flavors in a miniature package. Plus, who wouldn’t take a cookie?

  3. adam H says:

    a macroini salad, or a nice patoe salad , or try a nice jello abrosia …….good luck

  4. mauricecaselle says:

    Make a black forest cake!

  5. islandgirl05 says:

    ok this stuff is SO good. my old daycare lady used to make it:
    2 sm. pkg. jello
    2 sm. pkg. tapioca
    2 sm. pkg. vanilla pudding
    (cook and serve)
    12 oz. pkg. cool whip
    boil pudding and jello with 6 cups of water-cool then add the cool whip and fruit if you want.
    EASY and DELICIOUS!!! :)

  6. blueJean says:

    simple and go with any dinner.
    thin sliced dry beef
    cream cheese
    dill pickle spears (thin slices)

    spead cream cheese on beef slice and put pickle slice in and roll up, chill for an hour
    kids luv’m

    can do the same using ham and green onions with cream cheese

  7. betty says:

    make a fruit salad. buy sum canned fruit, chop up some apples, add coconut, whipped cream, and sweetened carnation milk!!

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