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Question by Mel: Gluten-free foods?
My boyfriend can only eat gluten-free foods, and they’re near impossible to find. We live near Morrow, GA…Does anyone know if there are any stores in the area that have a decent selection, or better yet, decent prices?

I’d really appreciate the help!

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Answer by NJLover
Try Ordering foods Online. My Mom is Gluten intolerant as well. She buys her food at Local Health Food Stores. But she doesn’t live in this Country. So I’m not sure how it works in the states.

Here is a link:


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  1. justme says:

    I have celiac disease, so I have the same situation as your boyfriend. Trader Joe’s has a list of their gluten free foods available in the store. I get my GF breads, crackers and pretzels at the local health food co-op. When shopping in regular grocery stores, be careful to read the packages of any prepared foods not just for wheat, oats or barley, but also modified food starch, caramel coloring, or maltodextrin (the first are most often made from wheat, the last one from barley). Even soy sauce is generally made with wheat. If you can’t find GF baked goods locally, go to celiac.com; they have an online “Gluten Free Mall” that you can shop from. ClanThompson.com also has a running list of GF products. Hope this helps!

  2. patience of Job says:

    What about vegetarian foods, the ones that are organically grown? I’ve been recently diagnosed and the country I live in has no available resources. So I’ve gone almost totally vegetarian. I eat a lot of cabbage, corn, potatoes (irish and sweet), plantains, bananas, breadfruit and what we call bammy which is made from cassava flour. Don’t let him eat foods seasoned with soya sauce or curry, but try the vegetables and fruits as well.

  3. Glutenfreegirl says:

    Hi. The easiest thing to do is just eliminate the gluten containing foods and NOT replacing them, in other words eat foods that are naturally GF such as veggies, fruits, meats, cheese,e tc.
    But here is where I shop:

    Whole Foods has a great line of their own GF foods (the chocolate chip cookies are freaking awesome!) and they offer a wide range of other GF foods.)
    Wild Oats and Trader Joes also.
    I mostly shop online tho:
    http://www.amazon.com Grocery section( good to buy in bulk onc eu have tried a product)

    Here’s my fave brands:

    All Pamela’s products especially her cake, cookie and brownie mixes. YUM!
    Glutino products. My whole foods carries their Spinch and Feta frozen pizza OMG delic!
    Bob’s Red Mill for flours
    Ener-G for some crackers
    Tinkyada pastas.

    Hope that helps, Amy

  4. stargirl796 says:

    is there a good- earth store near you? I am allergic to wheat too and thats where i buy alot of gluten-free things.

  5. the_adviser™ says:

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    I like ener-g breads all of their products are both wheat and gluten free
    You find many brands of gluten free breads,even tortillas,pastas,cookies,flour… etc,at a local health food store or from some of these mail order distributers on line.You can also bake your own breads at home with any of the gluten free/wheat free bread mixes.Good allergy free cookbooks like the Food allergy self help cook book by Marjorie hurt Jones,have good wheat free bread recipes.


    fellow allergy sufferer/wheat and gluten intolerant

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