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Question by BigSunglasses: Easter Help!?
I want to make something for my parents for Easter on Sunday. Maybe an easy recipe or a somewhat easy craft. Links and ideas are great! Give me all of your ideas! I can’t think of anything! Very much appreciated! Thank you!

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Answer by phyzzle
How about an Easter Basket ?

Get a nice basket your Mom can use, fill it with things both parents like….not candy, but maybe
a crossword book, homemade cookies, a jar of fancy jam, anything you know that Mom & Dad like.
Wrap it with colored cello from the dollar store, tie on a bow…and there you have it…a grownups Easter Basket (Don’t forget to put in at least one chocolate bunny!)

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  1. swetie111213 says:

    If you go to http://www.allfreecrafts.com they have some nice crafts and recipes you can do/make for your parents that they will just love!

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