Q&A: dog cookie recommendation?

Question by Individual: dog cookie recommendation?
can anybody recommend a dog cookie

no soy, no wheat, no corn, no gluton. no calcium

all natural ingredients only

it’s not my dog-so i can’t answer why it has to be this way….
thanks-i forgot–

no peanut butter-

I have recipes-but due to diability am not able to bake…

i need store bought-

btw-he prefers soft-but does liek hard at times
i assume you mean carob-not chocolate-as chocolate is dangerous for dogs–

we used to get something from 3 dog—but he can’t have it anymore

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Answer by VW
make ur own with natural peanut butter and oatmeal with a little Cinnamon

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  1. bria says:

    Maybe 3 dog bakery would have some but you could try to make some of your own at home just without using salt, sugar, chocalate or anything you woldn’t eat your self.

  2. goingcrazyinpicton says:

    Good luck finding them it seems that about 99.9 percent of dog cookies (biscuits) have one or more of these ingredients in them.

  3. Les_Football_Mom says:

    Find out what brand of dog food they’re fed (I’m sure they’re on a spec ail diet) that dog food should have a ‘cookie’ that’s comparable to the food.

    There’s tons of biscuits with out soy, wheat, corn or wheat gluton (most have rice gluton) but I’m not sure about no calcium.

  4. KR says:

    I buy my dog salmon jerky or duck breast jerky. He has food allergies and along with being low in fat, they are about as natural as you can get.

    Edit: These are both available at the pet store and Natural Balance also has some actual biscuits that fit that criteria-the Duck and Potato and the Bison, pearled barley and blueberry treats (the rest have added calcium)

  5. dogs_rule_898 says:

    I get old mother hubbard. Check out the website.


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