Q&A: do people in the U K eat biscuits & gravy for breakfast sometimes if not what is a common breakfast menu?

Question by tickerfixer: do people in the U K eat biscuits & gravy for breakfast sometimes if not what is a common breakfast menu?
Whast do the Germans eat for breakfast,Russians,Swedes,Italians.I find it intresting how the different foods people eat in different parts of the world.Its regrettable that some dont have anything to eat.Thanks for you information

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Answer by Daniel C
AMERICA “BISCUIT” = BRITAIN “SCONE”, I know this because I had a biscuit with chicken @ Chick-A-Fila on holiday once and it was a scone ! lol

Biscuits in America are what we call scones over here and we usually have them with strawberry jam and cream….mmmm
The English breakfast normally consists of Bacon, fried eggs or scrambled, sausage, hash browns, black pudding (I don’t normally have black pudding though), with fried bread and toast, with a cup of coffee
Although I am prone to bacon & eggs with pancakes and maple syrup ! mmmm
From visiting Germany, Italy & Eastern Europe they normally eat pastries, cooked meats i.e. different hams, yoghurts and fresh fruits for their breakfasts, which is probably why they are alot slimmer than us ! lol

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  1. crclee says:

    In the UK, a “biscuit” means a cookie, and the mere idea of oatmeal raisin cookies with gravy should be enough to tell you that No! British people do not eat biscuits with gravy.

    A typical breakfast in the UK might consist of any of the following:
    - toast with jam, peanut butter (not with jelly), or the incomparably delicious marmite, a spread made from yeast extract.
    - porridge (the UK name for oatmeal)
    - bacon and eggs (also called a fried breakfast)
    - cereal or muesli (and yes, we have cornflakes, too!)
    - kippers (a type of smoked fish)

    In other words, pretty much the same things a person might eat for breakfast in Canada or the USA. There are some different names for some items, but more or less the food is the same, with the probably exception of the kippers.

    I’ve lived in Japan for a while, as well, and can say that the traditional breakfast there consists of rice, fish (not sushi), and pickled vegetables, possibly with a bowl of soup (miso, I think).

  2. the kat says:

    we English don’t eat biscuits and gravy for brekfast ewwwe like
    cereal e.g cornflakes
    museli(health freaks)
    toast with jam, pb or marmite
    eggs (any kind)
    fried brekfast – eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans,fried bread,tomatoes,mushrooms and loads of other things depending on area
    kippers (scotland)
    I do know that in bulgaria they eat cold macaroni with sirene (feta) and sugar

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