Q&A: Can i use chocolate chips instead of pecans?

Question by Caveman: Can i use chocolate chips instead of pecans?
I’m making Mexican Wedding cookies, but i don’t want to use pecans i want to use chocolate chips. Is that okay? should i change the recipe?

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Answer by Chetak.
Of course you can use chocolate chips, and don’t change the recipe.

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  1. manwithgills says:

    Both ingredients are considered nonessential ingredients and making the change will have no structural effect on the cookie. You should be fine as long as you do not change any other ingredients.

  2. Rli R says:

    Mexican Wedding Cookies (or Russian Tea Cakes) are small crisp cookies that dissolve when you bite them. I’m afraid the melted chocolate chips might make the cookies less crisp. You can still try it – you might have invented a whole new cookie that is wonderful.

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