Q&A: Can dark Chocolate candy bars be used as a substitute for baking chocolate?

Question by che che: Can dark Chocolate candy bars be used as a substitute for baking chocolate?
I found several large bars in my freezer and have some cookie and candy recipes that call for semi sweet baking chocolate and would love to use these up as no one here will eat them as just candy bars. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

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Answer by sensible_man
No. The additives in a candy bar make it different from baking chocolate. You risk ruining your recipe. Check the label. I have expensive chocolate bars that are 60 and 70% cacao, and can be used in cooking.

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  1. Robin B says:

    Be brave and give it a try. Experiments sometimes turn out great. No one can really answer you either way here. Have a go – enjoy. As you state ‘no one ie eating them’ so – nothing to lose.

  2. Christopher K. says:

    No. The chocolate bars that are meant to be eaten out of hand have stabilizers and emulsifiers in them: they won’t produce what you’re trying to achieve with the “baking chocolate”……

    If you read the ingredient list, you’ll see all sorts of things that PREVENT the chocolate bars from melting……..Baking chocolate is specifically formulated for just that: baking………Hope this helps……

    Oh, and you know how when you bake chocolate chip cookies? The chocolate chips don’t really melt, but keep their shape? That’s the stabilizers in the chocolate chips, to keep them from melting……..

    Christopher K.

  3. Elizabeth M says:

    I think it depends on what you’re doing. If it’s a brownie recipe that calls for bars of unsweetened chocolate, that could be risky because you wouldn’t quite know how to adjust the sugar. But I’d think you could chop up the bars and use them as chunks in chocolate chunk cookies. In fact, especially if you have a bunch of different kinds of candy bars, I bet that would be amazing!

    Here’s an article about throwing all kinds of leftovers into cookies:


    Have fun! Please send samples.

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