Q&A: Are spritz cookies the same as sugar cookies?

Question by Titan: Are spritz cookies the same as sugar cookies?
I bought a mix for sugar cookies, and I want to know if I can use them in a cookie press?

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Answer by Rahul B

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  1. Tanitha B says:

    yes, don’t forget the sparkles

  2. williamsg1 says:

    Of course you can. Just spray the press with Pam first.

  3. Shorter than Frankie Iero XD says:

    u can use em in the cookie press. the only difference between spritz cookies and sugar cookies is the taste

  4. William C says:

    They are not the same. Spritz cookies hold their shape while sugar cookies melt.

  5. ann says:

    You need a really solid dough for a cookie press. Make sure the dough is cold, that might help. (not rock solid, though)

  6. Mon-t F says:

    i wouldnt, considering that spritz dough is very pliable and the sugar cookie gough will most likely break your press. spritz dough is a buttery dough and will hold it’s shape when you press it onto the sheet. you should find a good spritz dough recipe and use it!!
    merry christmas!!

  7. livsgrandma says:

    I see you have been given answers that are all over the map. Spritz dough is a little different than sugar cookie dough, both to let the dough go through the shape plate on the cookie press and to insure that the cookies hold their shape.

    Since you bought a mix, I would suggest that you look on the packaging carefully for directions to modify the contents specifically for use in a cookie press. Otherwise, put just enough dough into the press to do a single test cookie and give it a whirl. If it works, good enough. If not, you can still salvage the cookies.

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