Q&A: Any ideas for a green packed lunch for tomorrow?

Question by plastic: Any ideas for a green packed lunch for tomorrow?
I’m getting ready to go to the store and pick up some lunch food to pack my daughters lunch tomorrow. Saint Patrick’s day so I want to make it as green as possible.
I’m making green sugar cookies so I’ll put one of those in. Broccoli and green peppers with dip. What about sandwich ideas?

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Answer by MT
How about a wrap with a spinach wrap?

Green grapes.

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  1. Gina says:

    Green Apple. Avacado sandwich.

  2. ♥GGM♥ in Wonderland says:

    I don’t have any sandwich ideas, but I do have a recipe for Leprechaun Pudding.


    * 1 Tbsp Instant Pistachio Pudding
    * 1/2 Cup Milk
    * Ziploc Baggie

    Put the tablespoon of pudding mix and 1/2 cup of milk into the ziploc sandwich bag. Close the baggie tightly, squeeze and shake. Eat your pudding once it is nice and thick! You can refrigerate it for awhile if needed.

    For what it is worth, the Irish eat a lot of corned beef. You could make that into sandwiches.

  3. Jan says:

    You can’t get more green than marijuana, and that is sure to make her a hit with her friends too. But only do it if you live in a place where that is legal as I don’t want to condone any illegal actions.

  4. KooriGirl says:

    A wrap with tabouli? A lot of kids don’t like tabouli however, so unless you know your kids will eat it, don’t bother with that. Mine love tabouli with hummus so you could be lucky though.

    How about a dark green salad vegetable with egg or cheese, like rocket or something similar?

    Cucumber sandwiches?


  5. Violate This! says:

    My daughter’s school is doing a Special lunch :)

    green salad and golden chicken nuggets
    Green salad and something that i forget (LOL)
    spaghetti boganase with shredded cheese (don’t know how it’s irish though :S)

    With each lunch order they also get a juice box and a green apple.

    It’s one of the few times a year that the school allows “unhealthy” foods. But they are all prepared in school :)

    For your daughter’s lunch I’d suggest a green salad with green jelly (jello for the yanks :P ) or something along those lines..

    EDIT! The spag bog was with green pasta!

  6. Steve says:

    lettuce,spinach choco,lucerne,green tomatoes.celery,bamboo shoots,palm fronds,lilly pads,green bananas, lemongrass,eschallots,basil,rosemary,gumleaves,radish tops,carrot tops,celeriac fennell,thyme and a sprinkle of parsley-all on sourdough rye dipped in green food colouring

  7. Twice blessed momma of twins! says:

    For her sandwich, you could get just a bit of green food coloring and a paintbrush to paint a shamrock on the bread. You could also do a grilled cheese and make it green by adding a little green food coloring to the butter before buttering the bread. And if you really wanted to go all out, you could cut the bread to the shape of a shamrock and call it a shamrock and gold sandwich! Although by lunch time, a grilled cheese sandwich probably won’t taste so great…

    And for the peppers, lay the pepper on its side and cut it into slices that way. Then the pepper will look like shamrocks!
    And if you have a heart shaped cookie cutter left over from Valentines day, you can use it to make the cookies shaped like Shamrocks. Just cut out three (or four for a four-leaf) hearts and press them together ever so slightly at the sides of the hearts. Then add a little stem, and instant shamrock! You could also add a bit of yellow to the cookies dough and make leprechaun’s gold cookies!

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