Q&A: Anime Fans! do you live in foreign countries other than the States?

Question by : Anime Fans! do you live in foreign countries other than the States?
ive been meaning to ask this question cuz i think a lot are. so are you?

crybo7 i know is from france
dango is from england or the uk
FreedomWingz is from canada

surprisingly no1 has asked this question yet lol xD first! i call dibbs! do u want a cupcake or cookie.

Bleach Rocks!!!!!
i live in the United States if u dont already know
dango- the us is the cookie factory lol xD. and if ur wondering if u have the accent or not i know it. i learned it in world history. if u live in northern england/uk then no if u live in southern then yes. its the same in the us too its how that accent came over

Best answer:

Answer by broken angel
Nope, U.S. here

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  1. Deidara デイダラ says:

    I’m from Australia. ^^
    But, I don’t have that ‘accent’.
    I live in the US now though. =/

    *Edit* Am I the only Australian here?
    Damn. That makes me feel so lonely. T.T
    Can I have a cookie to cheer me up?

  2. ~Sarah~ says:

    nope me from U.S.

  3. Kawaii Doglover says:

    No I live in the US!
    Chocolate chip cookie please!

  4. Jade B says:

    I am Canadian- is it true that some people think we live in Iglues? thats wickedey awsome-if only it were true…

  5. LinnA says:

    No i live in the US..but i’ve been wondering this same thing 2!!..lol cupcakes are better..

  6. エミン / CRYBo7 says:

    Not only i live in a foreign Country than the Stats but i live in an even foreign Country than mine witch is Algeria & as i said i work here but my real home is France.
    Interesting but hard experience to live in a country that is not yours & with different culture (well not really but…) than the one you had back home.
    Sometimes i like it here but sometimes i really wanna go home!

  7. Love Only Yourself says:

    Puerto Rico

  8. Isabelle says:

    No…….. I live in the U.S.

    YES! I WANT A COOKIE! I’ll trade you this shiny badge for one…. Please?

    I want to live in Canada. Toronto? Awesome.

  9. ~D a n g o~ T_T says:

    No! I’m from Cookie Island!!! *pouts* XP jk!
    I don’t have a very British accent…well I can’t actually tell ?_?, one of my friends has a London accent and she sounds posh…funny >.< random and odd…just like cookies…but cookies taste better…=) =D =P =3

    Wish I could go to a foreign country! It’d be so kewl!

    I thought you were from Cookie Island too?! =0

  10. Lunaka says:

    Nahh. US for me, as well.

  11. sakura blossom says:

    im in u.s.a

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