Q&A: According to a report the Commissioner of Japanese Baseball has told Bud Selig that he’s open to making ->?

Question by Scooter_The_ Squirrel_Agent: According to a report the Commissioner of Japanese Baseball has told Bud Selig that he’s open to making ->?
A World Series between the Champion of the Japanese League Vs the Champion of MLB before Bud Selig leaves in 2012. . Your thoughts? Would you like that or not & why?

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Answer by Bert Weidemeier
Eventually it will happen. Bobby Valentine actually believes that the Japanese can win the series.

I can, however, see the Japanese commissioner not being interested yet, they’ll try to milk as many American $ $ $ from advertising out of this before they agree, but eventually it’ll happen.

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  1. Larm says:

    that would be so cool because then you can be called WORLD champions. I hope that happens.

  2. Twinstripes, not Pinstripes! says:

    I’ve heard that.
    I don’t have a problem with it, it’d be more baseball.
    And Japanese baseball is fun to watch.

  3. Spike says:

    As a fan of both leagues, I would love to see this happen.

  4. Cookie Monster says:

    i hope

  5. codi says:

    I could see that happening sometime soon but we all know the US team will always win. The fences in Japan are like 100 feet shorter in Japan Brett Gardner could be a home run hitter. If they play in the US all of the Japanese hitters will pop out every time and in Japan all the US hitters will only hit homers

  6. Sweet Pea says:

    One step closer to a real “World Series”. I like the idea!

  7. Salty says:

    I don’t like it.

    It presents a lot of problems, like travel, turf/dome vs. grass/outdoors, it will either put the NPB vs MLB series into November or shorten the MLB season. The ball that NPB uses is very different than the ball that MLB uses. The Strike zone is also different. NPB has had recent financial troubles with some teams folding/merging and their teams don’t generate the revenue that most MLB teams do, nor do they have the travel budget that USA teams do. NPB is only 6 years removed from a strike. Time zone issues would also cut into the television revenue… most people wouldn’t get up at 5 Am to watch a baseball game if they don’t have a horse in the race and delaying the game would be pointless in the age of the internet b/c you could just get the box score online.

    Nope… the Major League Baseball Japan All Star series is fine enough for me… which is a lopsided 45-19 in favor of MLB. My guess is that this is just NPB’s commissioner talking up his sport, it will not happen. I doubt he is even serious, suppose there a “world series” what would happen to public image in the world baseball community if NPB teams lost frequently to MLB teams? Would that be good for NPB? Clearly not, they are better off talking about a head to head competition, but not actually having it, they would get smoked by the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies, Cardinals… NPB is not as bad as AAA and not as good as MLB and in a lot of ways very different.

    Cute idea tho.

    Edit: that is not true about the Japanese fields being 100 feet smaller, not even close they are mostly basically 70s style cookie cutter fixed dome stadiums… Tokyo Dome is 400 to Cf and 328 down the lines and houses two teams, Koshien Stadium one of the only fields with real dirt instead of slid pits is pretty much the same in dimensions… NPB has far fewer HRs than MLB.

    Edit 2: Jenn, yes NPB has players from the Dominican and from the USA, and from all over the world for that matter, they are like the USA in that the majority of the players are from the nation, but they have others… now do most Dominicans want to play in NPB over MLB, clearly not, that is where the difference is, MLB is viewed as more elite in the eyes of the world there is better talent and prestige and you get paid more and its much less expensive to live in the USA than Tokyo.

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