Q&A: About Easter celebration?

Question by Boat’s: About Easter celebration?
I’m not Christian and I want to know about Easter
- What do people do?
- Anything special?

Thank you for the answer

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Answer by janlallen
One way we teach children is at Easter time the principal application doctrine nation of Jesus Christ, Christianity.

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  1. dermot says:

    easter like xmas
    is commercialized
    another way store make money
    selling stuffed animals, like bunnys, ducks, chicks
    plastic eggs, and lots and lots of chocolates, and candy, easter baskets, fake grass,
    we used to go midnight mass
    but now
    we just have family get together for brunch
    we have bagels, smoked salmon , cream cheese
    eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, waffles, ham, scalloped potatoes
    deviled eggs, and cookies

  2. Wink says:

    We go to Easter services at our church and are read to about the Resurrection of Christ. We wear nice clothes. We have a nice dinner or in some cases a noon meal some people like to fix a nice ham dinner. We color Easter eggs and hid them so the little kids can find them. The kids are given Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks and jelly beans. Some people give others Easter lilies as a gift.

  3. pugluvr says:

    Most follow the tradition of an egg hunt and, bunny rabbits which both have to do more with a fertility celebration of long ago that was adopted into the Easter celebration thus taking away from the emphasis of Jesus death.
    Jesus death and resurrection should be the the real meaning of the season.
    Just a few hours before he died, Jesus instituted a special way to commemorate his death. This observance became known as “the Lord’s evening meal,” or “the Lord’s supper.” (1 Corinthians 11:20; English Standard Version) Showing the importance of the occasion, Jesus commanded: “Do this in memory of me.” (Luke 22:19, The Bible in Basic English) So, the only real observance Jesus instituted for his followers is the observance of his annual death. This year it actually falls on the Jewish calendar of Nisan 14 on March 26 (after sundown).

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